We are the pioneers of modern barbering. Our mission is to do more than contribute; we are looking to rewrite the standards of grooming. We respect people that have bold, authentic statements to make. We are creating a community of movers and shakers that influence our industry. People that stand up for what they believe in. Taking a truly collaborative approach, we shaped a brand that goes beyond product. A brand with purpose.

“Finding your own statement is super special. It should be something that comes from the heart. Be yourself. Make your statement. Manifest greatness.”





“There is so much we can do in a free-form art as barbering. It’s helped me elevate in so many ways as I connect with different people and inspiration from around the world.” 



“Traveling the world inspires me in my craft and creation. Embrace the unknown and let the journey become part of you.” 







Up your game with exclusive tutorial videos straight from the creators. 

Expect product know-how and useful tips and tricks that reveal new ways to make your statement.